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OR Logo only badges can be customized with Optional Crystal Clear Gloss Labels, or any Label maker machine.  *NOTE: If you choose "NO Name - Logo Only" your badges will ship with ONLY THE LOGO!

With proper permission your logo can be added to our website for future orders.  Please
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Toyota Name Badge
Name badge for Toyota Dealer Employees.
Available in White or Gold,...
VALERO Name Badge
Name badges for VALERO Employees.
Available in gold/black,...
West USA Realty Logo Name Badge
Name badges for West USA Realty professionals. Plain Logo without Tagline...

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*If you choose "NO Name - Logo Only", no name will be added even if you type a name in the box, so be sure to choose ADD NAME or ADD TITLE if you want them added.

 NOTE:   To avoid damage to the finish of your name badge, DO NOT spray with hair spray, parfume, cologne, or any chemicals.  Although they are durable, they can still be damaged.  Keep badge away from small children, as the small parts can also be a choking hazard.  Do Not expose to extreme heat, as this could also cause damage, such as leaving it on the dash of your car.