Crown Jewels of Canada Society Name Badges

We offer the Queen a Free Badge!  The Free Queen Badge includes the word “QUEEN” and a small crown on the first letter of your name.  (See Samples)  Choices include oval or rectangle and pin or magnetic fastener.  (Call 480-983-3499 to order your free queen name badge)

(Offer good for one Free Queen badge per Chapter)

Crown Jewels of Canada Society Name Badge Artwork
Click to see Name badge samples and customize your order.

 NOTE:   To avoid damage to the finish of your name badge, DO NOT spray with hair spray, parfume, cologne, or any chemicals.  Although they are durable, they can still be damaged.  Keep badge away from small children, as the small parts can also be a choking hazard.  Do Not expose to extreme heat, or run over with your car, or stand on your name badge, as this could also cause damage to the finish.