Red Hat Bling Badge G

Red Hat Bling Badge G
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Price: $21.95
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PN - Pin
MC - Magnet (+$1.50)


Sample shows the layout of the name badge with Artwork #164

Choose the Artwork number from any of the Red Hat Name Badge artwork choices and select from the Drop-Down artwork choices.

There are over 170 choices, so you can find just the right one.  Browse through the pictures in the Red Hat Name Badge regular badge category.

Choose the Background color, and then the Fastener choice

Enter the Name you would like on the Badge. We recommend FIRST NAME ONLY.  We can add a last name on a second line, and the names will be sized to fit the badge. (Which means, they will be smaller)

Enter Your Chapter Name you would like on the badge.

Use the Special Instructions section to order multilple like badges (one name per line), or if you would just like to have your name, or just Chapter name etc. you can put that in special instructions so we know exactly what you want.