InkJet Label Refill for Blank Name Tags 33 / page

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Clear Gloss Ink Jet Label refill.

Our clear gloss labels for Ink Jet Printing is a transparent polyester material with permanent adhesive. The material has excellent resistance to water and is very durable. The material has a 60 lb. facestock and a 51 lb. liner. The material also has a thickness of 0.0072 inches +/- 10%.  2.625" x 0.87" 33 per sheet.

For best results when printing your clear gloss material, make sure to use the manual by-pass tray located on your printer.

When printing this material it is important that you select the appropriate material type within your printer. Please select "Labels" as the material type within your printer settings. When the wrong material settings are selected it is common for the toner to smear or flake when touched.  This material should only be printed with an Ink Jetprinter.

IMPORTANT: Store clear gloss sheets in a cool, dry place to avoid humidity. Storing label sheets in the printing environment for a short period before attempting to print, allows them to adjust to any temperature changes and stabilize after shipping, which may prevent common printing problems.

Prevent label sheets from being exposed to direct sunlight or flood lights. Before you print onto a label sheet, first print onto a blank piece of paper. Place the sheet in front of the label sheet, and then hold the sheets up to a light to make sure the positioning is correct.

Before and after printing, handle label sheets by the edges of the sheet being careful not to get oil from your fingers on the printable label surface. Oil may cause smudging. Allow label to dry completely before stacking, handling or peeling the printed labels.

We have run label sheets through our printers multiple times without an issue, however it is recommended that sheets of clear gloss labels should be passed through the printer only once, as with any labels. Numerous runs through the printer can cause the label to jam or peel off. We do not recommend printing your clear gloss Ink Jet labels in a photocopier or Laser printer, as there is a higher chance of jamming. If your clear gloss labels are suffering from a smudging effect or a faint print in an Ink Jet printer, try adjusting the material type in your printer settings to "Glossy" or “Transparency” to help avoid this problem.

You can get creative with the labels and print your logo also along with the name using the template as shown in the secondary picture above.  You will need to add a table and work with positioning the image using basic WORD skills. If you are not familiar with WORD, you can find Microsoft word help through the "Help" tab in the software.  Search for "how to insert a table" for detailed instructions.

The label size is slightly smaller than our smallest badge size which is 1" X 3", and is NOT meant to cover the entire front surface of the badge, but as you can see in the sample picture that they virtually disappear when applied.

Download WORD Template:  CLICK HERE