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50 pk Magnetic or Pin Blank Name Badges tags

50 Pack Blank Name Badges
Price: $41.00


Badge Color:
Choose Your Finish Type
Choose Badge Size
Protective Coating
Choose Fastener type
Printer Type


Free Shipping for USA 48 Contiguous States ONLY

Choose your Color:
Gold with Black Back
Silver with Black Back
White with Blue Back
White with Black Back
White with Red Back
Black with White Back
Green with White Back
Red with White Back
Blue with White Back

Choose your Finish:

Beveled Edge OR

1/4 rounded corners OR

1/8th rounded corners

Choose Badge Size:
1" X 3"
1.25 x 3"
1.5" X 3"

*Name tags are cut to within 1/8th" of size choice.

Protective Coating:

There is a clear(ish) plastic coating on each badge to help protect them from being scratched in production processes and shipping. Please choose if you want us to peel this coating off of each badge, or if you would like us to leave it on for laser engraving purposes etc. If you choose to have us peel it off, the badges will still be packaged in a manner that will help protect them from scratches.

Choose your Fastener:

Premium pins are included and NOT attached to the badges so they can be engraved first if you like, or you can choose to have them attached if you would like us to attach them for slightly more.


Upgrade to super strong triple magnet fastener


Choose the option to attach the Magnets or pins yourself and save!

 NOTE: If you choose to attach the pins or magnets yourself, they both have super sticky tape attached to the backside of each piece/set for easy peel and stick attachment.

Choose Printer Type if you would like us to include Crystal Clear Labels in your order.  If you choose this option 2 sheets with 33 labels will be included per 50pk ordered.

NOTE:  Printing on crystal clear labels will be hard to read on dark colored badges such as Black and Blue, unless you print in a bright color such as yellow over black.

Print right from your computer on our crystal clear labels that you can add to your order for an inexpensive custom look.  The label material has a thickness of 0.0072 inches +/- 10%.  2.625" x 0.87" 33 per sheet. Label size does NOT change if you choose a larger badge size as they are meant to print a Name or / and Logo only, and are not intended to cover the entire surface of the badge.  Be sure to choose your printer type.  OR A Label maker such as the Brother Label maker on Amazon can be used to put names on the badge for an inexpensive custom look alternative.

If you would like a customized name badge, then please see our custom badge option to have us personalize them.

* These badges are reusable!  Simply peel off the clear label, wipe any sticky residue off with rubbing alcohol and put on a new printed label.

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